Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Care

As a smaller school our community really matters to us, and pastoral care is at the heart of our approach and every student is well known by every member of staff. We get to know each other well and share our hopes, dreams, worries and successes. As a community, we are here to offer support and guidance.

We believe that mental health is as important as physical health and place great emphasis on well-being. We focus on enabling students to learn how to deal with stress and issues before they arise so that they are already armed with strategies to deal with them. We have a school counsellor and give pupils ample opportunities to discuss any concerns or worries.

We have an equally strong focus on life skills as preparation for the changing demands of the 21st-century workplace and the challenges of modern life.

Our approach means that we get to know each girl and boy really well and can not only spot any issues quickly but also guide, encourage and support them in all aspects of life whilst helping them navigate their way to GCSE success.

Tutor System

Every student is under the supervision and care of a tutor who oversees their academic, social and personal wellbeing. Tutor groups are small and vertical, containing pupils from multiple year groups. Tutors have regular meetings, both formal and informal, group and one-to-one, with their tutees. At these meetings they will discuss academic performance and extra-curricular activities, as well as any problems of a personal nature.

House System

In addition to our tutorial system, pupils are also placed in a House. With its emphasis on loyalty and togetherness, the House system is instrumental in encouraging a sense of camaraderie, belonging and healthy competition within the school.

Houses compete through a system of merits that operates from week to week and leads up to a termly merit competition. There are also inter-house matches and other contests held at intervals throughout the year.

Prefects and positions of responsibility

Students learn valuable skills by setting out the reasons why they believe they would make a good prefect.  Applications are considered by the Head and SLT.


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