Hybrid @ LPS Mayfair & Sixth


Hybrid @ LPS Mayfair & Sixth is an exciting new offer from London Park Schools.  Opening in September and operating through LPS Mayfair and Sixth (currently Eaton Square Senior and Sixth until September 2024), it offers students an opportunity to experience a full LPS education in a ‘hybrid’ format.

Hybrid @ LPS Mayfair will offer four days teaching on-line with one day a week in school – centred around practical subjects such as sport, science, art and drama.  There will also be a Sixth form option too.

Students will work to the same full-day timetable and have the same teachers as day students, but will work remotely in their own separate hybrid class.  Once a week they will come into the physical building for hands-on lessons and clubs – including sport, art, science etc.

Each hybrid form group will be taught as a distinct unit and as well as meeting each other on-line, will see each other – with their pastoral tutor, one day a week in school.  In this way, they not only have access to real-time, interactive, online teaching , but in-school time as well.  This means that students not only feel supported but can focus on work and thrive as part of a strong, understanding community.

And of course, by being part of LPS Mayfair, they have access to wonderful teaching, a supportive community and a an amazing location – right in the heart of London which is easily accessible from most parts of London.  But not only London – with only one day a week in school, there is the option to access our wonderful school from further afield too.

We are still developing some of the final details and will have more specific information very soon, but the essentials are shown below:

  • Opening in September 2024
  • One form per year group
  • Maximum of 18 per class
  • A full day’s time-table with LPS teachers
  • Deposit:£1k
  • Fees: £5k per term
  • One day a week physically in school; four days on-line (live lessons)

In-school days

LPS Mayfair

  • Monday:  Year 7, Year 8
  • Wednesday:  Year 11
  • Thursday:  Year 9, Year 10

LPS Sixth

  • Days in school are dependent on A Level subjects – but usually two x half-days per week

Find out more

Talk to one of our hybrid specialists,  Ambreen Baig or Jamie Whiteside

Contact Hybrid Admissions: admissions.hybrid@eatonsquareschools.com

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LPS Mayfair Head’s Coffee Mornings

If you can’t make a specific Hybrid event, you are still welcome to come to a general LPS Mayfair Head’s Coffee morning which are held most Thursday mornings from 9.15-10.15 – Book a place here.

Hybrid@ Dukes Education – General Interest

There may be other Hybrid@ schools in the future. To register interest or talk to a specialist, please click here.